Why Some Long Term Relationships Fall Apart

Why Some Long Term Relationships Fall Apart

There’s often times that people feel there relationships just aren’t what they used to be or they are not with the person they had once known. This is why some of them fall apart. There are many reasons and causes that some relationships will fall apart and sometimes it’s not really anyone’s fault and there’s nothing anyone could have done about it. Sometimes even the smallest things can lead to the biggest problems in relationships and most of them believe it or not have the most simple fixes.

One of the first things you should do is to think back to when you two first met and first started seeing each other. Were you happy and blissful and swept off your feet, or was it an epic struggle to gain each others affection? If you both were fighting to get each others attention in the first place and both trying to prove you were right for each other then this could mean that there are still some issues that were just pushed aside and never resolved. It’s never good to push issues aside or to just casually brush them off for any reason because bottling up emotions or thoughts will later come out and let’s just say it is much better to resolve them as quick as possible.

Perhaps you’re missing what you had once before when you two had just met. When two people first meet they generally on trying to impress one another and are all romance and candle light but once they know they have the key to each others hearts they will tone it down a bit and get a bit more careless. Most people are just trying to show off for one another until they know for a fact that they will like them for them and they just gradually slip away from the habit of being a romantic person and they won’t feel the need to anymore because some people only use romance as a bait. This also brings up another complicated issue because some people who do find people who are always romantic get tired of it and feel like their partner is easy to push around and control.

I know it probably sounds too common for any problem but what you need to do before anything else is to identify the problem and never assume. Assumption will never turn out good results and if you’re wrong and you possibly bring your assumptions up, it’ll develop a whole new list of problems from on top of what you already have. You need to identify the problem at hand and you have to first start there before you can truly fix anything. I know how angry sometimes it can get when you’re bottling up emotions and instead of bringing up the real problem you try to cover it up by arguing about small things but believe me, it’s best to bring up that problem no matter how big it is, because this will prevent other problems from being created and the sooner you start to fix your current and only problem, the better.

Truth be told, there are some people who might be physically attracted to each other, but in nature they just aren’t meant to be together. While physically they might be “good looking”, they just aren’t meant for each other mentally and they both have different ideas of what they want. You need to identify the problem at hand before you try to fix things that aren’t broken.

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