Valentine Gifts for Her – Long Term Relationship

Valentine Gifts for Her – Long Term Relationship

You have a solid relationship. A standing date every Friday and Saturday night. That’s great. For men, however, Valentine’s Day adds a level of complexity to the long-term relationship. Choosing the correct gift will show your affection and convey your level of commitment so you need to choose wisely to avoid spending the day in the dog house.┬áTo add to the stress, you probably have already gone through a few Valentine’s Days so you have already gone down the jewelry and flower path.


You have done the heart shaped pendent but jewelry is always a good choice. You just need to broaden your horizons. Try getting her a heart shaped 18 kt gold bracelet. This choice of jewelry will remind her of your commitment and how much you have cherished all the time that you have shared with her.

Weekend Getaway

You have done the romantic Bed and Breakfast. Try adding a new spin on it with a weekend in New York at a 5 star hotel. Bundle it with dinner and Broadway theater tickets for a perfect evening. Follow up the next day with a lunch at Tavern At The Green and a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Part.


A dozen roses is always a classic. But you just can’t stop with the flowers. In a long term relationship, a dozen roses by themselves show that you put little or no though into the gift. However bundled with dinner reservations at the hottest restaurant in town and you firmly ensconce yourself as the greatest boyfriend she has ever had.

Uniquely Practical

Is she a coffee lover? Try thinking outside the box by getting her an Espresso Maker. This breaks my purchasing appliance gift rule but is still a good choice since it will allow her to enjoy one of her favorite passions right at home.

Gifts To Avoid

Vacuum cleaner, pots and pans, scented bath oils and soaps, tools and of course the once a month oil change gift book. Basically you don’t want to think of practical gifts. Valentines day is about romance. You need to put in some extra effort. You need to be creative. So keep the gift of court side tickets to the basketball game for another day. Think romance and put some time into your gift. She will recognize the effort you put into selecting and getting the gift.

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