Put Your Vending Machines Here & Earn Great Money

If you want to make some extra cash without taking on a second job, why not place a few snack machines in various locations to earn that money? People love snacks and when your vending machines are placed in the right locations, you can really rack up some quarters. Where should you place a snack machine los angeles for best results?

Auto Body Shops

Some people wait while their vehicle oil is being changed or when tires are being put onto the car. When they wait for various services like these, they get antsy and bored fairly quickly. When they do, the snacks are their first recourse to fill their time. Place your vending machines in these shops and rack up some good cash.


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If there are no snack and drink machines at a hotel/motel in the area, change that and add your machines. You can make good money with snack machines placed at high traffic hotels and motels in L.A.

Business Parks/Shopping Centers

You can also place your vending machines at business parks and at shopping centers if you want to make nice money. These facilities are usually busy and you can make a nice chunk of change as result.


Employees want snacks to munch on until lunch and of course, to pep them up when the day is coming to an end. You can place your snack machines in busy offices and fill it with a variety of office friendly choices that are sure to earn you nice money.

There is no shortage of great locations to place your vending machines. The locations above are among the many places to put your machines. Do not wait another day to put up those machines and earn the money that you want.