Dating a Man Who Won’t Commit

Dating a Man Who Won’t Commit

You’ve been dating the same man for the past few years. The relationship has had a few bumps and bruises but no major break ups, no serious fights. If you’re wondering why he hasn’t proposed, you may be in a relationship with a man who is afraid to make a commitment.

Relationships have changed over the years but some things remain constant. Usually after you have dated a man for a number of years and the relationship has continued to grow and develop, as a woman you look forward to taking that next step, which is marriage.

If there are no problems in your relationship, it is only natural to want to become more than just boyfriend and girlfriend. Taking that next step shows an increased level of maturity because it lets the world know you want an exclusive relationship with the man you love.

Additionally, it is considered the honorable way to start having children which is to be wed before children are born so that everyone has the same last name; the man’s. So what does it mean when you don’t get offered the ring?

Well, the first thing you should NOT do is blame yourself that you haven’t gotten engaged and instead take a closer look at your partner to see if he’s afraid of committing to you or just isn’t ready. It is important to understand that men and women tend to mature at different ages and it may just be that your boyfriend isn’t as mature as you are. This doesn’t his feelings for you aren’t sincere or true and you shouldn’t be too hasty to end the relationship just because he hasn’t popped the question.

Next, just sit down and have a talk with him about marriage and ask him what his intentions are. It may be that he’s waiting for you to bring the subject up to see how you feel and if both of you are feeling the same way. If he is someone complacent in his position, then it is probably not fear but comfort with the status quo that has him not wanting to take the walk down the aisle.

If, however, on the other hand, he seems to get tense, upset, and nervous or attempts to change the subject when you bring it up, there’s a good possibility that he’s afraid. If that’s the case, your love for him can help overcome his fear. Rather than attack him for being afraid, let how you feel about him shower him with the love and affection he needs to overcome his fear and while he is doing that, take each day as a new opportunity to show him you want to spend the rest of your lives together.

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